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Ver 2.0 Press Release

Neo Code Software ships Version 2.0 of Publish Button Software

Content Management Software streamlines website creation for corporations, print and web publishers

A short Flash Tour of Publish Button�s Administration is available on the website:

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA. -- August 1, 2001 -- Neo Code Software Ltd., recently announced shipping Version 2.0 of their Publish Button System, a web-based content management system that allows users to quickly update their website from a web-based form, instead of using a more complex HTML editor.

Publish Button was designed for print and web publishers and is flexible enough to be used by any corporation or organization with a large number of articles or documents to manage on the web.

�The name �Publish Button� comes from my days as publisher of The Computer Paper, Canada�s largest computer monthly� says Douglas Alder, President of HomeBase Internet. �I was always looking for the elusive �publish button� to simplify our work load. A single button that would allow my staff to �just publish� the whole publication, with very little work. Our goal with Publish Button is to move towards simplifying things and cutting the workload of busy publishers of information.�

Publish Button's focus is the separation of content from graphic design and web page logic. This allows everyone in an organization to do their job more quickly and effectively. The result is an improvement in work flow for larger websites and less data handling which translates into getting information to readers and customers faster while saving money doing it.

Version 2.0 of Publish Button has been substantially re-built based on customer feedback, using Open Source technologies, PHP as middleware and MySQL as the database. The newdirectory structure interface adds enormous flexibility to building websites. Security features allow administrators to quickly create and assign users to groups with preset security priviledges or to create new groups with its own set of abilities. Backup and restore can be run easily from the admin tab.

Key Features of Publish Button

  • Directory-based File Management which is easy to use and familiar to most computer users, allowing for more rapid training in the use of Publish Button.
  • Work Flow Management for Publishers/Writers and Editors
  • Articles/Information can be made available immediately on a Web Server
  • Email Integration - An email client can be used to add basic HTML formatting and then submit an article to the Publish Button System. Creating content in an email client has the potential to save costs on copies of Word/HTML Editors etc.
  • Quark Xtags Export and Import from Quark using HTML, a great feature for print publishers
  • Sophisticated and Flexible Security Module allows adminstrators to easily control access for users
  • Supports Multi-Publications/websites on a Single Server
  • Potential for Article and information sharing between similar publications or companies
  • Built with Open Source, flexible and scalable Programming Environment. Publish Button uses PHP/MySQL, the most popular combination of software with web hosting companies and programmers.
  • Potential to integrate with Advertising Management Software, allowing advertisers to target market more effectively and publishers to charge for higher quality ad space.
  • Publish Button has the potential to restrict access to back issues of a publication to allow pay-per-view, creating another revenue stream for publishers.
  • Customization of Publish Button is available based on client requirements.

Pricing Information

Publish Button is sold as a license based on usage. An estimated cost for a single website license would be:

Cost of Basic Installation

US Price
Cdn Price

Basic License



License Per Publication/Website or Company



Estimate for Installation - includes 40 hours of installation, basic customization, data import and user training



Total Cost



Additional customization available at:

US $90/hour

Cdn $130/hour

For a complete demo, or to discuss your particular needs, please call Neo Code at 1-888-748-0668 during office hours (10:00-18:00 PST) or email
[email protected].

The product website is

Neo Code Software is a Vancouver, Canada-based developer of web content management software and custom web development.


�2003 Neo Code Software Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Neo Code Software and Publish Button are the copyright of Neo Code Software Ltd.

Editorial Contact:
Joshua Paul, President,
Neo Code Software Ltd.
Toll Free (888) 748-0668,
email: [email protected]

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